At Shopify —

I currently design on the quality team which operates across the core product, concentrating on 0-1 projects, systems & patterns, and overall user experience of the admin platform.

For in-depth details of my work, please contact me.

Settings design system

An entire overhaul of our settings' visual language and user experience was conducted. From the foundation, I helped lead the design patterns for the settings section in Shopify's admin panel.

This updated design system aimed at combining a dense UX visual language with a tactile interface.

Furthermore, emphasizing composability for product teams was important when constructing the library. Internally, this library's composition led to a new approach in working with our design systems.

Core index refactor

A thorough overhaul of our primary index tables focused on enhancing simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility in the experience.

Spearheading the mobile aspects of this project, I pushed for a native approach to the mobile web experience.

In this year-long endeavor, the index table refactor has resulted in overall swifter processes for our merchants.

Shipped January 2023

Instant app navigation

An app launcher experience that can be launched from any surface within our admin, the ability to pin any application to your left navigation, and re-order through drag and drop for a personalized experience.

I was responsible for visual design, user experience, interaction design, and user testing. Working closely with a product manager, staff designer, UX developer, and 4 engineers, we iterated over 50 possible solutions and conducted over 20 user tests to refine our solution.

Shipped June 2022